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We are using Outlook 2003 on the remote client VPN PPTP Draytek 2820 (currenlty using ICMP to.Outlook 2013 will not connect to my work Exchange Server using our VPN when on a hardline from my home office.If they are using the Microsoft VPN client they can get their email.

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I have users that VPN to the corporate network to check their email through Outlook 2003.

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Re: Outlook Exchange no connection through vpn win7 check that all the appropriate ports are allowed to communicate between the vpn subnet and the corporate subnet.The Outlook Anywhere feature for Microsoft Exchange lets your Microsoft Office Outlook clients connect to the Exchange servers over the Internet from off campus without the need of a VPN connection.If you get a pop-up asking if you want to proceed, select Yes.I have confirmed that IPSEC, PPTP and L2TP are all enabled in my wireless router.

We are required an MTU of 1300 on everything that is trying to VPN in, in order to get Outlook to function correctly.Though many companies rely on VPNs to let workers access Exchange mailboxes and other resources remotely, alternatives exist.I am having a problem connecting to our Exchange Server once my VPN tunnel has been created.Click on the Connection tab(1) and check the box for Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP(2) and then click the Exchange Proxy Settings button(3).Client Features in Exchange Online. server to allow users to access their primary mailbox using Outlook Anywhere, without requiring a VPN.

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When using the Verizon 3G card from a remote location, I have no issues.

Currently we used windows 2000 server running exchange 2000 server. (using both outlook 2000 and 2003) We.

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Please upgrade and use Office 2010 or above to access ACCC Exchange Service.Make sure you are able to ping the Exchange server by DNS entry as well as IP when connected through VPN.

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We have implemented a vpn solution with 2 3030 concentrators.Outlook Client for Laptop and VPN access. You will need to ensure that your users have set up their Outlook Exchange Profile before attempting to install the CRM.

In Outlook 2013, click File then Account Settings and then Account Settings again.

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Her outlook application grinds to a halt for several minutes whenever she.

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If above is correct, plus problem occurs in one router and does not in another, I would suggest the following command to be issued in VPN endpoint crypto isakmp nat-traversal 30 Regards.This may be a stretch but, is it possible to set up Outlook and Exchange email to work without a VPN when outside the office network.The WAN status in my wireless router reports an MTU setting of 1500 from my ISP.

If you already have Microsoft Outlook installed and are using it for another mail client use the following steps.However, I cannot connect to the Exchange Server through Outlook.Make sure the checkboxes are selected for On fast networks., and On slow networks.

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Using a cable and connecting laptop directly to cablemodem and trying VPN connection will also eliminate possible Linksys oriented issues.Select Allow when prompted to configure email server settings and click Finish.