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This paper explores the functional, operational, and cost considerations of deploying a multifunction security appliance instead of dedicated appliances.

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Basic Networking. Again, it may be a dedicated VPN appliance, or a Windows Server running the RRAS service.Common deployment scenarios for which the Cisco ASA 5500 Series provides a single, standardized platform include.With its converged firewall, intrusion prevention system (IPS), and network antivirus services profile, customers may use the Cisco ASA 5500 Series to deploy a breadth of Adaptive Threat Defense services.Connect branch offices using a VPN. You can purchase dedicated VPN. upgrading may require that you purchase a whole new appliance.

The following outlines the best practices for choosing the appliance best suitable for your environment.Creating a VPN appliance with Ubuntu and Openswan. by. This VPN appliance is far more scalable than. a virtual network not defined by a dedicated physical.

Market-leading Cisco PIX security appliances deliver robust, application-aware firewall and VPN services, including user and application policy enforcement, multi-vector attack protection, and secure site-to-site connectivity services in cost-effective, easy-to-deploy solutions.

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We carry top manufacturers including SonicWALL, Sophos and WatchGuard firewalls.This document provides installation instructions for SonicWALL VPN Appliance.

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The Cisco VPN 3000 Series Concentrator is a best-in-class, remote-access VPN solution providing both SSL and IPSec VPN connectivity.

We test the latest appliances and provide tips on purchasing.This approach reduces the number of platforms that must be deployed and managed while offering a common operating and management environment across all those deployments, simplifying configuration, monitoring, troubleshooting, and security staff training.VPN Gateway Appliances — Access Remote Data Like the Big. (Virtual Private Network).The STORServer Cloud Appliance - Private Cloud for a datacenter or Managed Service Provider, offering full backup, archive and disaster recovery services.A VPN appliance is a network device equipped with enhanced security features.

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For environments where SSL VPN is the primary application, the VPN 3000 Concentrator remains the platform of choice.

Furthermore, when deploying the ASA 5500 Series, security staff can build from their existing training and knowledge of PIX, IPS 4200, and VPN 3000 appliances.Juniper Networks SA2500 SSL VPN Appliance enables small to medium-sized companies to deploy cost-effective remote and extranet access, as well as intranet security.

Typical examples of functional segmentation requiring dedicated security and VPN devices are.Microsoft may have finally thrown in the towel on the idea of having certain hardware partners sell preconfigured.The broad VPN and security services profile of the Cisco ASA 5500 Series makes it a single device for many uses.By VPN hardware I assume you mean something like a dedicated VPN system from a.

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A security and VPN infrastructure built on devices performing focused or even single functions enables optimal scalability, simplifies software version selection and upgrade cycles, and allows for thorough configuration tuning and greater network segmentation.

Im looking for something I can use as a dedicated VPN appliance for my home lab.

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Eight dedicated VPN tunnels to protect links between locations.With the introduction of the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance 5500 Series, Cisco provides an appliance-based option for delivering converged, multifunction security and VPN services within a single platform.

Expert Karen Scarfone examines the top SSL VPN products available today to help enterprises determine which option is the best fit for them.

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The XG-1541 1U pfSense Security Gateway Appliance is an excellent solution for medium to large business to provide flexible configuration and support for multi-WAN.Sophos RED Turn any location into a secure location with our Remote Ethernet Devices (RED) If you have branch offices, retail locations, remote outposts or otherwise.Standardizing on the Cisco ASA 5500 Series for multiple deployment environments and security functions within a network simplifies network architectures, thereby reducing deployment and operations costs.If you have not yet added a root and intermediate certificate, created a Certificate Signing Request (CSR), and.

Cisco ASA 5500 Series is highly flexible, making it a good fit for most dedicated function and consolidated function scenarios.In pure IPS deployments, such as environments where IPS provide security policy auditing and regulatory compliance data, the Cisco IPS 4200 Series remains the platform of choice.AIP-SSM is the IPS module on ASA firewall, and it has exactly the same software version as the one running on dedicated IPS appliance.

Consequently, cost of the device should not be a factor in deciding whether the converged ASA 5500 or a dedicated Cisco PIX or VPN 3000 device is the optimal choice for the deployment.A standards-based, easy-to-use VPN client and scalable VPN tunnel termination devices are included, as well as a management system that enables corporations to easily install, configure, and monitor their remote-access VPNs.

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The Cisco ASA 5500 Series is optimized for converged services applications in smaller sites.The breadth of threat mitigation features provided in a single Cisco ASA 5500 Series footprint also enables greater protection against threats wherever it is deployed, from a remote office to a headquarters DMZ to the network interior.Through a generous Cisco equipment donation, we were able to implement a Cisco ASA 5515 VPN appliance as our dedicated remote access system.