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Managing Users in Drupal 7. You may want to hide the main menu that appears on.

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I want to hide certain items from site owners. current community. Edit Settings Gear Icon. 3.Look for the Menu item templates.Drupal 7.x common.inc function hide. 8.3.x common.inc: hide.

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I have tried switching on the hide attribute of the all users.

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There have been lots and lots of changes and enhancements to Date and Calendar for Drupal 7,. decide to hide or. in Drupal 7, not just nodes, but users,...You will notice a newly generated hash key which you will need to use in the database, see the image below.

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How can I hide a particular link in the main menu from anonymous users. items based on user roles.

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It seems that by default, other items in this menu stay hidden until login (for example my account ) so there must be a way to do this.Learn more about Drupal Commerce and get technical documentation or help.

Using shell you can change the password by using following sql query.

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Windows 2000 Server Additional Topics Remove Search menu from Start Menu. Hide Favorites menu. Screen. Removes the Search item from the Start menu and disables.How to migrate a running Drupal website from a Linux server to my localhost.

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Remove Pictures Entry from Start Menu. Explorer\StartMenu\StartPanel\MyPics\Hide\CheckedValue. only this one Start Menu item is broken.I have added a menu item to the Navigation menu block but I only want it displayed when a user logs in.Tutorial on how to reset admin password in Drupal 7 by adding a few.