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In our application we have made a custom picker using Combobox.An ExtJS 4 data store and model can accommodate this. On a decent computer with decent Internet connection this will smoke the traditional buffered grid,.I am using ExtJs 4.1.0 I am having a buffered grid and I would like to enable local sorting on the this grid.

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Here are a few short examples of how to find an object in a Sencha Store (ExtJS or Sencha Touch) using a findRecord query.

On a page with a few pages of rows, when a user scrolls down all the way and then back up to page 1, the grid re-renders all pages except for page 1 (for which it just shows blank space).

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Chained Stores, introduced in ExtJS 5, allow to use one store in multiple views with independent filtering and sorting.

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The workflow is below: Some data is already present on server.

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I am a beginner at ExtJS, and was studying the tutorials on sencha, and one just doesn t want to work (app tutorial).Note that a buffered store is meant for very large data sets.I am just migrating from ExtJs 4.1.0 to ExtJs 4.2.0 and I faced the following issue.

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Ext JS Classic - API documentation from Sencha. Summary. A BufferedStore maintains a sparsely populated map of pages corresponding to an extremely large server.

This problem went away after I set pageSize to a much larger number (300).As you come to use data stores regularly within ExtJS applications,.We have been using version 4.1.1 and are migrating to We have editor grids with buffered stores.Stack Overflow is a community of 7.4 million programmers, just like you, helping each other.In ExtJS 4, you can do some pretty powerful stuff inside your controllers using ComponentQuery.

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