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Learn which sites get the most traffic with a full suite of tools from Alexa.If your favorite blocked website does not have an RSS feed, you can simply create an RSS feed for it using a service similar to Page2RSS.May 17, 2013 at 6:52 am malik asad says wtf why are al of the proxys closed and blocked trying to get on facebook andf cant.Nearly one in five of the most visited websites on the web were blocked by the adult content filters.

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Well, you know how in China they have like this whole Google censorship.

The list of blocked websites in China - Updated 2017

Get more stuff like this in your inbox Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox. we respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously.DNS tunneling solutions are the best way to access region-blocked video and music websites.In this guide I will show you how to access blocked sites from anywhere in the world.

The best one for me has been Express VPN because it also provides security and guarantees speed and no monitoring.

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If the above suggestions do not help resolve your issue you may wish to post in the general questions forum.You will be using your own Internet access to connect to the VPN, and the VPN in turn will allow you to access blocked websites.StopDistractions blocks access to distracting websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit.The reasons range from political, to cultural and social causes, to simple censorship.

Pirate Bay, Popcorn Time, KickAss, FirstRow, Putlocker, Bittorrent blocked by Sky, BT, Virgin UK.

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Anonymous Releases List Of Blocked Websites. Buzz. The constitution gives us the right to peaceful.

Examples of proxy software: FreeProxy GappProxy X-Proxy Virtual private networks With a virtual private network (VPN) you will be accessing a network that works just like the Internet.

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Here are some suggestions: Google Translate Type in the URL of the blocked site you have into the translate box and you can view the blocked site in the translated portion of the page.Instead of connecting directly to a website, let us connect to the website and send it.The good news with proxy software is that it often has higher traffic limits and can allow you to do more things than an online proxy site.

VPNs tend to do a better job, I used a few months ago from China.If you really need to access the blocked websites, here are some methods you could try.At least 25 countries block certain websites so that their citizens could not access them.Mar 16, 2013 at 3:38 pm JuliaLee says Free proxies and VPNs are not reliable in my experience.Learn how to unblock blocked website or access restricted Websites.

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The government gives no explanation for why it wants a website blocked, he said,.If you do a quick Google search of online proxy websites, you will probably get dozens of websites that allow you to access blocked websites for free.In general your best option to remove a ban is to humbly apologize for your actions which lead to you being banned in the first place.


Only by uninstalling and reinstalling with a new CD key will get you around being banned.Some of the most popular include ProXPN, OpenVPN and HotSpotShield. 2. Access blocked websites indirectly.You would want to uninstall any of these plug-ins and reinstall them.