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STEP1. OPENING SMART FEATURES. a). Turn On your TV and press Menu key from remote, select Smart Feature and press Enter key as shown below:.Four Methods: Clearing YouTube History on a Computer Clearing YouTube History on an iOS Device Clearing YouTube.So you want to get rid of your viewing history on Netflix, huh.

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How to Delete History of Visited Websites. common reasons that Internet users delete the history of websites.How to Manage Your Browsing History in. and then tap Clear History and.Can you delete viewing history without having to wait 7 days.

From the desktop, head to and click on your profile name to access the dropdown menu.How to clear the Internet Browser History on your Android Phone.The following steps will delete your viewing and search history on YouTube.

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Settings for privacy, browsing history and do-not-track. search and download history on Firefox. remove individual cookies to display the Cookies window.NOTE: You can use this option to automatically delete your browsing history when you close the modern and desktop Internet Explorer.

This article explains how to view and clear your browsing history (the web cache, cookies, saved passwords and more) in Chrome on Windows.

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You will have the options of delete your history based on the particular.A step-by-step tutorial on how to view your browsing history in Safari for the iPhone as.Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed answers to any.When deleting your browsing history in Internet Explorer a useful.There is no easy solution, but still you can do that to clear all Netflix watching history.

It can take up to 24 hours for a selection to be removed from all your devices.Even though search history on search engines like Google is totally private, some people still enjoy the ability to delete it.

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Over the course of browsing the web, you may want to find a website you.

Settings for privacy, browsing history and do-not-track

I only want to delete certain videos out of my history and not just simply clear out everything.

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Your Samsung Smart TV keeps track of the content your have viewed.

When I did my earlier pieces on VLC, one of the most common emails I got asked how to delete viewing history in VLC.The femur is both the longest and strongest bone in the human body.To clear your viewing history: Press the Menu button of your remote control.

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I would like to clear my viewing history. I want to clear my SEARCH HISTORY.Netflix Is Finally Letting You Delete Your Viewing History, So Now No One Will Know You Watched the Katy Perry Movie.

A step-by-step tutorial on how to view your browsing history in Safari as.Netflix will also make suggestions based upon things you might have recently watched.

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How to delete your Amazon browsing history. then click View and Edit Your Browsing History. To delete your entire history,.

How to Manage Your Browsing History In Safari. select Clear History.This means, if you use an iPhone, it will open in Safari, if you use an Android device, it will open in Chrome, or whatever your default browser may be.This post will teach you how to permanently delete your Google history to enhance your.Under your account, go to my profile and click on viewing activity.Published on Oct 6, 2011 Earn money: HELP ME GET A BETTER PC this is a simple tutorial on how to delete youtube viewing history.

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