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Optional Settings (required by some Internet Service Providers).

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In order to share your DSL Internet connection with other computers in a wireless home network, you must connect your DSL modem to a Linksys wireless router.

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Select your Internet connection type: Select Keep Alive if you want the router.Select the type of Internet connection your ISP provides from the drop-down.Please change the security settings in your browser to enable cookies.Internet connections can be a huge expense for your nonprofit or library.The Linksys Internet Phone Adapter enables high-quality feature-rich VoIP (voice over IP) service through your broadband Internet connection.

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Steps to create a wireless home network with a Linksys router and Westell Ethernet or 2110 modem.

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The initial configuration of Linksys E1200 router is very easy.Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) is a service that applies to connections in Europe only.

Linksys 8x4 Cable Modem (CM3008) Delivering high-speed, stable Internet connectivity, Linksys CM3008 Cable Modem is meant for broadband subscription plans of up to.See KB article 32426 if you need help connecting the devices properly.

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If the connection was completed successfully, you should now be able to browse the Internet.

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See KB article 32396 for instructions on changing the password.How To Setup the Linksys WRT54G Wireless G Router for EarthLink Cable.

NOTE: If you cannot connect to the Internet at this point, turn off both the Linksys router and your cable modem and leave them off for two minutes.This article is about How To Setup the Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Router for EarthLink Cable.

Unable to establish internet connection using Linksys WRT54G Router on Mandrake 10.

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The workaround for the DHCP failure is to configure your Internet connection in the router as a.

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Then use another Ethernet cord to connect your Linksys router to your computer.Use an Ethernet cord to connect your Cable modem to your Linksys router.Turn on the cable modem first, wait until the lights have stabilized, then turn on the Linksys router and attempt to browse again.

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Select the Internet Connection type from the drop down menu by Internet Setup.

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