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Again, if you use a web browser that has ad blocking capability, all the ads, toolbar download and scam links disappear.

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Although they do not list a number that I could find, they appear to have a large listing of verified torrents.Compare Between Torrents, Read Different Comments And Find The Best Seede.

It has been down but I just tried the link here and the KAT search came up.

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It sometimes becomes necessary for our data to be updated for internal admin purposes.Over 25 PetaBytes of content is available in over 20 million active torrents.However, for newer users, this is a good site to start your searches to ensure a clean download.We are looking for people with skills or interest in the following areas.Many people prefer private torrent sites for the privacy (only members active on torrent), clean torrents and speed (ratio enforcement ensures a well seeded torrent).

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If you have read the above, you will be using an ad blocker at these sites and will not see these.The results show the pages at the sites and the sites can be toggled up top.There is a good amount of information and screenshots provided by the site on each upload.Shut it off and proceed with caution and pay attention to the offers for toolbars.Unfortunately this then shows the articles as being updated when in fact the content might be exactly the same.These sites will help you narrow the results from all those torrents to find the clean, real and healthy (bittorrent-wise) torrent for the content you are looking for.

The Unique sites are less popular and have smaller indexes, but have unique features that make them worth using in certain searches.It is not the largest listing, but they seem to have many of releases and no duplicates.

Download movies, music, games, software and more at Bitsnoop.

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Comments and Ratings: The h33t uploaded torrents are checked out by staff there.

Even though the site is just back up, there looks to be a lot of activity.The torrent file contains metadata ( hash ) about the files to be shared and the bittorrent client checks content received against this metadata.

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Since these are public torrent sites and, for the most part, allow anyone to upload, fakes can make their way into the listings.It is just like an all in search from different torrent sites like piratebay, isohunt, extratorrent, kickass and others.Sorting - The ability to sort the results of a search is used primarily to find the healthiest torrent.Varun Kashyap January 17, 2009 17-01-2009 3 minutes. best meta torrent search engine around,.

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Comments are very well used and are helpful in verifying as well as quality.If you are looking for a public, music only, bittorrent site, then this is the place to look.ThePirateBay ( ) ProxyBay.Info Come In is probably the most well known torrent search site.Used properly, bittorrent is one of the safest ways to transfer content.You have a very good list of torrent search engines but my favorite site is not listed there and even the famous isohunt new domain after they were shutdown, is not also listed.The amount of listings is still quite small, being in the thousands.

I just give a plus one to this torrent search engine that I found on the net.

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Download the latest version of uTorrent free. uTorrent allows you to download any torrent file in the shortest time possible and with great ease, offering numerous.Comments and Ratings - The first step is finding the torrent that has the clean and real content you want.Nice feature is that you can choose the sites to include in the search (this is saved in the site cookie for future use).Excellent filtering by categories, using Other allows very detailed filters.

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I use some of the other meta-search sites when I can not find what I want on KAT.Results may be filtered by categories and for videos further filtering is available by version.The rating system and comments need to have high user interaction at the site.

Be sure to have AdBlockPlus installed as there are a couple scam links that are not visible with ABP.Safe search online and energy saving black screen with dark google.There is a lot of content uploaded through the site, so you do not need to go to the other torrents listed.This was a system update as the former editor is no longer able to maintain the page.They have large listings and will be the sites that most of you will use most of the time.

BitSnoop ( )This is a metasearch site that indexes over 17.8 million torrents from 369 trackers.ADS Some torrent search sites have a large number of ads through the pages.

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The one drawback now is that they are switching to magnet links only and given the issues that some of the bittorrent clients have with magnet links, this is a negative.I tried going to the coda.fm and take.fm websites and I keep getting a gateway error message.Large listing of verified torrents and results may be filtered to show verified only.It is important to use comments and ratings to avoid these fakes.Micro mini torrent found at torrentdownload.tv, utorrent.com,. Torrent Search Engine. torrent for movies videos audio free download with good speed an seeds.