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In conclusion, we would like to present this film to everyone interested.

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In the search suggestions, it went from showing several...

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It was the bus stop near the park-and-ride on 7th and Market in West Oakland.If this bus stop could be blockaded as well, the Google bus routes in the East Bay would be completely shut down.

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It is unclear why these workers would fight to work on May 1st, but such is the state of things.

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For their efforts, the state sentenced these anarchists to death.

Google employees who live in the Contra Costa suburbs park their cars near this bus stop and then hitch a ride down to Mountain View.

You have destroyed over ten years of my goodwill and adoration, just so you could try and out-MySpace MySpace.

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They clumped together under the freeway where the tech buses usually pick up their passengers.A contingent of BART riot police was also standing inside the station.

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This holiday commemorates the execution of several Chicago anarchists in 1886.

They promote anti-Trump propaganda every fucking day. SUE GOOGLE FOR VIOLATING ANTI-TRUST LEGISLATION SUE GOOGLE FOR VIOLATING ANTI-TRUST.I was too impatient to wait and a quick Google search revealed.

People should not have to fuck with settings and many times it is time consuming.

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Some people decry any antagonism towards techies, saying that they are workers to, or everyone is free to do what they like.

Over the next hour, over two hundred people came through the area.


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As time passed, most Google employees ended up going home, and eventually the crowd dispersed when it was clear there were no one left for the buses to pick up.The date of action was set for May 1st, or International Workers Day.

If you come here often, you should tell us (and the whole world, really) about yourself in the bio section of your profile.In the the middle of April, 2015, a post went up on indybay.org for an early morning action to block the tech buses at.

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It is our full statement, explaining what we are fighting against and why.

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Horny Teen Fucked.mp4. Horny Teen Fucked.mp4. Sign In. Main menu.These men fought for the eight-hour day, a meager goal that would allow workers to have a little time for themselves.