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I wish I could tell you how exactly it works, but unfortunately, I have to rely on what Facebook says how it should work.and that apparently works sometimes and not other times.I will send you a good old fashioned LETTER ON PAPER WITH A PEN.I had deactivated my FB account a few days back and immediately had reactivated it. on reactivation i had changed my PW.

Two weekend ago my facebook account was temporarily blocked and when I try to log into facebook accound I get this message.Will you please tell me the mail id or any other way to contact with the team of Facebook.We know at present facebook is one of the most popular social media network sites.Did it give you a scrambled preview of what email the new password was sent to.Not guaranteed to work and it could take forever for Facebook to get in touch with you.I was hoping for another way to get back into the account and reset the password myself.If yes, you could change your mobile number or turn off Login Approvals.Yes, I checked all my folders in my mail but nothing is there.

I am having the same problems as the latest users.a blank page.

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Sorry Sheena and Bilal Khalid, not much advice I can give you.I need help and I do not know how to get a hold of anyone who runs facebook.My account has been hacked and somebody is using my facebook and trying to fish some important information about me through chatting my friends.When I did change everything ended up with a whole NEW FB with NO friends or pics etc. just my name.Someone got into my facebook account and changed the password and email.It logged me out of the other devices but I could never log back in.If you really use the right information to search it (email address or name), then it might have been deleted in the meantime.

And then when i tried to log it in, it says that i have to verify my identity. i enter this confirmation code then it tells me to choose a method to verify my identity but it only offers one method IDENTIFY PHOTOS OF FRIEND (HOURLY LIMIT EXCEEDED).Hello there, my FB account is temporary blocked by FB for sending too many friend requests at the same time.

It could be that you have malware which is enticing you to click that button.If none of the above worked, mark the account as hacked and hope that Facebook will be in touch to verify your identity.About 4 days ago, facebook logged me out while I was reading in the timeline.Security checks help keep Facebook trustworthy and free of spam.But I cannot recover my yahoo id as well, as I no longer use the cell phone I had put on yahoo and dont know the password either.Does it also work when your colleague uses a different browser on her computer.

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Alternatively, are you logged into Facebook on another computer or device.On the profile that i cannot access though, profile pic and cover photo (which are the once I used before getting hacked) are updated at the time of hacking.It should show you recovery options, typically an email with a password reset link.As I have mentioned in response to many comments above, I do not know more than what I wrote in the article.My problem is that I can log into my Facebook account from Chrome on my Mac.If this account reflects your real name and personal information, please help us verify it.

Please enable cookies in your browser preferences to continue.I am unable to check my account as i give log in and password after it open a page which say.When i press no longer have access to email it just says we cant recovery ur account.

This is the complete issue what happened to my Facebook account.My account was linked to my work email since my son was using ours.

Looks like I have lost the profile I would like to use and need to just ignore that the other ever existed.When I try to log on it says I tried to many times and to try again later.This has been happening for three days.You can easily get help from facebook customer support experts by dial Facebook customer support number.I can sometimes get the log in page but then it just goes to that blank white page again.They says the hacker is professional and he had left no way to recover my id.You could try to report the account as hacked and wait for Facebook to verify your identity.I cannot verify my cell phone as I have a new cell phone number.

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Report account as hacked, hope for Facebook to get in touch to verify your identity.There was no opportunity provided to create the new password, just the above.I was on Facebook just the other night everything was going good.To help us confirm your identity, you need to be able to access one of the email accounts associated with your Facebook account.But when I try to log onto FB from any browser on my PC, android tablet, or iPhone.

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The account email has been changed and my password has been changed.My Facebook account asks for a security code every time I try to login.If your Facebook is hacked or stolen by someone, this article will help you and tell you how to reclaim, recover and secure the hacked Facebook account.I need your to recover my personal facebook passwords or have new one.My account in Facebook was hacked by changing the email and the password used to login the account.Basically my password has been changed. when this first happened i could search my proflle and request that a new password is sent to my email address saved on my account. (i can no longer access this email). now i can not even search my profile the result that comes up says my profile can not be found,but yet all my friends on fb can still see my profile.