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Registering is free, easy, and means you can join in the discussion, get discounts, win prizes and lots more.Netflix, iPlayer and Amazon not working, first Netflix stoped this morning the other 2 still ok, now all 3 have stopped.

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BBC iplayer will only show a black screen - works OK on IE

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YouView needs an Ethernet connection to broadband (so a cable going to your broadband router, it does not connect via WiFi) plus an aerial connection (so only works in areas where you can receive FreeView).

I am just updating ffmpeg and x264 libfaac etc hope it fixes things.BBC iPlayer will not let you stream unless you have a decent.If the trace is very long I suggest emailing to iplayer2 (at sign) Please always include the program versions, the platform you are using and the command you are running.

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Some older versions of ffmpeg fail to convert flv to mp4 or avi properly and will just leave the flv file intact.The apache log showed that the stream was started but stopped due to ffmpeg libfaac errors and therefore the client VLC got nothing.So I opened the M3U file in Wordpad to haver a look at the URL it was passing and the link is what I get.

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I installed it by pasting command into Terminal but it stayed at the same version.But the question remains how come VPN for BBC iPlayer is the best choice for accessing your favorite TV programs.

Parenthood - why we love it Primary school - common names V - vumpkin.On Demand player or app not working Apps on YouView Powerline adapters not working Help with On Demand buffering.

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When i travel abroad i can access bbc iplayer through CyberGhost but not SkyGo.Download Get iPlayer Automator for free. None. I agree to receive quotes, newsletters and other information from and its partners.

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Hi BBC I-player and Netflkix stopped working on my KDL-42W829B about a month ago.

If my ds is watching something on the iPad and me or my oh is on the net it slows the iPad.I believe that the PVR CGI is not streaming the files correctly through apache.Try disabling this software (at your own risk) to see if it makes any difference.To see details of these modes and their bitrates see this page on beebhack.It is simply the BT Infinity2 product, so fast broadband and gives me a big data allowance (250GB a month).

First of all, a VERY Happy New Yeay to everyone, and thank you for such an amazing application.If you try to specify a file name it will create a folder with that name to put the file in. (In my example it created a folder called feral.mp3).But when the service is not working in the right manner such as login issues or loading problems,.There is clearly a problem, I cannot get any progs to load in iplayer.The system seems to rely on the broadcasters sending the correct time signal or something.

BBC iPlayer not working after upgrade to HMA - posted in VPN Mac Support: I upgraded to latest version of HMA last week.My broadband package (Plusnet Extra Fibre) does not specifically include TV.

BBC iPlayer 'watched by more than 60m outside the UK for

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This is because you have a very old version of the obsolete ITV plugin on your system.

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I listen to Radio 7 a great deal, and am wondering whether I am getting the best quality.

However the TV screen part is great, gives a good contrast, so I have the screen connected to a YouView box (which is connected to Plusnet Extra Fibre broadband connection via Ethernet cable) and to a laptop using VGA input.So it looks like the BBC are currently giving the Windows 10 store a pass as far as a native iPlayer app is concerned.


I first noticed iPlayer not working as Eileen describes early on Wed 7 Oct (2015), trying to use the London server.More than 60 million people watch the BBC iPlayer for free outside of the UK by masking their location, according to a new report.