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If you have had a similar experience then you should consider becoming a reviewer too.Specifies whether to delete the address of one DNS server or all servers for all interfaces.

Server 2008 Standard DHCP giving IPv6 DNS and IPv4 IP

We are looking for people with skills or interest in the following areas.Specifies the name of the interface for which you want to display offload information.My DHCP is going through the router and initially the router was set to the IPv4.A tutorial on building a DNS server node that provides IPv6 name resolution, with examples of some useful IPv6 applications.Adds an IP address and a default gateway on a specified interface configured with a static IP address.Dynamic port assignment is also known as wildcard port assignment.

Supporting IPv6 in Your Windows Server 2008 Environment

Some public servers are limited geographically, for example, to users in the United States.Used without parameters, show udpconnections displays UDP port information for all IP addresses once.

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Displays information about all compartments, or about a given compartment if one is specified.To specify DNS server address settings, do one of the following.The InterfaceName must match the name of the interface as specified in Network Connections.Sets WINS server configuration to either DHCP or static mode for a specified interface.

How to Change My DNS Server iPv4, iPv6 Addresses to

DNS spoofing or cache poisoning occurs when a DNS name server has stored data in its cache database that did not originate from the authoritative DNS server for that domain name.

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IPv6 will eventually replace IPv4 because we can have many more IPv6 addresses.

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DNS hijacking or redirection occurs when a query for a non-existent domain name is redirected to a different IP address.Specifies the refresh rate (the number of seconds between refreshing the display of the information).

Specifies the number of ports available for dynamic port assignment.The InterfaceName parameter must match the name of the interface as specified in Network Connections.Used without parameters, show udpstats displays the statistics once.If so and this is only for customers, just change your DNS Server to be your gateway IPv4.

Server 2008 R2, DNS Server keeps resolving to IPV6 instead

For interfaces configured using DHCP, use the ipconfig command to display the assigned IP addresses, lease parameters, and other DHCP information.

So it is worth checking that your DNS servers are reputable and secure.Actually, I tried to enter the Google DNS in place of the assigned-by-router IPv4 DNS, but it did not help.Authoritative name servers are the ultimate repository or host for any registered domain name.Some DNS service providers provide DNS services for other organizations.

DHCP for IPv4 vs. IPv6 - What You Need to Know

Used without parameters, show tcpstats displays the statistics once.List IPv6 Address DNS Records Returns information about all the IPv6 address (AAAA) resource records on a DNS server.As most sites are cached this is the worst case for finding a valid address.

You can then be redirected to a dangerous site but more commonly you will simply see an advertising page.When that lifetime expires the caching server must get the domain details from the authoritative name server.TTLs are usually seconds or hours, sometimes days,, and occasionally weeks.It should listen on both IPv4 and IPv6, according to IETF recommendations.Specifies the name of the interface for which you want to set WINS information.

There are good reasons to do this just to improve DNS security.Displays IP address and other configuration information for a specified interface.